City Clerk’s Office
Phone:630-530-3010 or 630-530-3011


Residency: City of Elmhurst (Unincorporated Elmhurst is not eligible)
Senior (minimum age): 65 yrs
Disabled: If under 65, must provide RTA Reduced Fare card number
General Public: One companion regardless of residency or age may ride with a registered user for no charge
Other Eligibility Requirements: Unincorporated Elmhurst residents are not eligible for this service

Trip Restrictions

Rides are only available within DuPage County
No airport trips

Registration Information

Registration location: 209 N York St., Elmhurst, IL 60126 (Second Floor, Clerk’s Office)
Registration times: Monday through Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Appointment needed? No
Registration allowed by mail? Yes
Registration allowed by phone? No
Eligibility documentation required: Picture ID with Elmhurst address and if under 65 RTA Reduced Fare Card should be carried on all taxi trips


Price to use service: $2 flag pull fee plus $1 for every mile traveled
Group Trips of 3 or more riders to same destination:  1st rider pays full fee, 2nd rider travels free, each additional rider pays $1.50 flat fee

Rider’s Guide and Registration

View/Print a copy of the City of Elmhurst Rider’s Guide
View/Print a copy of the City of Elmhurst Ride DuPage Registration Form